Bolitho Family History

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Bolitho Family History

This is a site about genealogy, ( family history to you and me ). In particular the Bolitho family. It doesn't contain lists of links and who's connected to who type of information but mainly contains interesting stories of people I have come across during my Bolitho family tree research.

The only connection between them is their Bolitho name. If your name is Bolitho or you have links to the Bolitho family you should find something of interest.

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Origin of Bolitho name

Bolitho is a Cornish name originating from either of two places within Cornwall that are called Bolitho. The place name comes from the Cornish "bod" or "bos" meaning "dwelling" and an unknown personal name.

The name Bolitho was first recorded in 1524, in documents from Penryn, Cornwall.